Privacy statement 12th of May 2018

Collect and use of personal data from costumers, suppliers and other contractors

We would like to let you know that we use the personal data we collect because these are necessary to build an agreement with you. This is true for our (potential) costumers as for business partners.


If ¬†you’re one of our (potential) customers, then we may use your personal data to send you additional information and/ or quotations, deliver services or work, to send invoices and we use your data for a quick and efficient communication.


Are you a (potential) supplier or other contractor, then we also need your personal data to make an agreement. If we want to purchase something at your company we can use this to sent a quotation request or to place an order. We can also pay our invoices and make sure we can communicate quick and efficient.

No obligation

It’s not required to leave your personal data. Although, it’s possible that if you don’t leave enough information, we can’t complete every request.

Transfer to third partners

To fulfill any (possible) agreement we make, it might be necessary we need to share your personal data with one of our business partners who complete our work or partners who deliver materials and/ or products. Furthermore we use an extern server to safe (parts) of our sales and purchase administration, your personal data can be part of this. Because we use a newsletter mailing service, your data will also be shared with this service.

For our management system we use an extern server. This extern server for a part of your personal data is at a company outside of the EU and they are certified wit a EU-US privacy shield.

Direct marketing

If you gave your permission, we will save the data you entered and may use this in the future to contact you personally with an e-mail of our latest new products and services. And, if relevant, do an offer. Every time we send you an advertising e-mail you’ll get the opportunity to let us know that you don’t want to receive these e-mails anymore. This can be done with the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of every e-mail.

Storage period of your personal data

In case you requested a quote from us but you did not become a costumer, we will keep your personal data for a maximum period of one year after our latest contact moment. Also if you signed up to be a reseller, but you do not place an order within a year, we will delete your personal data after this year. Idem if we request a quote from you, but we decided to not become a customer, we will delete your personal data after a year of our latest contact moment.

Did you become a customer of us or did we become a customer of you, then we will preserve your personal data for a maximum period of 7 years after the end of year that our agreement is fully finished. This 7 year period corresponds to the period that we are obligated to save our administration for tax authorities. After this period we will delete your personal data.

Your rights

You have the right to ask us to see your collected personal data. If there’s a reason, you can request us to complement your personal data or change inaccuracies. Beside that you have the right to ask us to delete your personal data or limit the use of your personal data. You can also object to the collection and use of personal data or file a complaint at the authority of personal data.

If you want to receive the data we’ve collected than you can contact ROND, a part of Janssen-Fotografie,¬†Dorpstraat 70, 5367 AM, Macharen, Also, if you have questions or would like to receive more information about the collection and use of personal data you can contact us via this address.